Mac book Pro new old?

So here is a scenario. You go to a website(Macs) and purchase a brand new Macbook Pro 13″ with a CD-ROM.

You get the laptop and start to prepare it. You are very excited and then you dig further and find out that Apple manufactured a laptop that has 4 year old technology (June 15, 2012). Hmm Mac “prides” itself and so do the vast majority of users that Mac is a forward company and is honest and corporately a good custodian?! Well not so much or depends on what your standards are. Selling  a product with older tech as newer tech is very misleading. Hey you bought a new Corvette or won one and the insides are all from 2012 WTF? So you call them and they say we will give you your money back.

Money back what about time and energy lost? So you work out the pro’s and con’s (big on CON’s here). You realize that the effort to send it back and wait to get a new one then setup the new one, you will lose about one week of production time. Now you may think this is made up. Nope this is real and you can go and purchase any number of newly manufactured older technology products, sold as current products from the Apple store, and I have to laugh here; the Genius shops.

So please when you think of Apple or Mac please open your eyes and look long and hard at what company behaviour you are supporting.

Yes the PC world has some very poor corporate stewards also. The good news is you can choose another manufacturer quickly and for less money. There is more competition in this market space. Apple or Mac is the only company with the Mac OS–wouldn’t it be great if Mac’s Operating system was available as an option on any device?

If it is as amazing as I constantly read and hear from Mac users than why is it not able to be sold as a separate OS?

Food for thought. Don’t let your key-chain get corrupted!

Hey my next article might be in praise of Apple!

Keep smiling 🙂