New BlackBerry Priv

Well I went out and purchased the new BlackBerry Priv. As most of my clients know I am a cautious adapter of new technology. This time around I went out, purchased it and implemented it right away. No waiting for a few months. I expected to have some major pain switching from BB 10 to Android with BlackBerry on top. Well it has been painless and exciting with the new phone. Of course not caring about apps was my reason not to move over to a new phone, but I am liking the new features within my existing handful of apps I use. On the app note, BB10 users will notice the loss of BB10 story editor–what a great app. I have not found anything close to it yet. I am still looking and I have sent a number of requests to the makers of the app to make it available for a fee (which I will gladly pay) on the new phone. The phone is fast and the picture quality is way off the charts. The eight year old apple product needs to update to keep up with the Android OS and hardware of the new BlackBerry.

Now there are some very good features on the new Priv:

  • two day battery life or more
  • up to 2 TB of storage (gotta find that size of SD Card)
  • wireless charging
  • Slide out keypad with mouse action for movement on the screen
  • curved large screen not too big for the hands
  • security audit features
  • easy email setup and sync features
  • yes Google integration is much easier
  • now way more apps than Apple which kills the argument that BB does not have as many apps
  • Check out this review if you’re not sold yet

It looks like BB has a winner here. Some say too little too late. I for one don’t mind. I need a phone and this one is my new “fablet”. My work files are easy to read and edit! It also has remote access and a number of other techy things I need and like.

Way to go Black Berry things look good for our Canadian Tech midget.

Buy Canadian your children and grandchildren will thank you!

Sean Huycke