New mail server

Here it is! We have our new e-mail server available for all our e-mail clients and Exchange users. The webmail interface looks like Outlook of old and Outlook of new. You have five different templates to choose from. Our email server will sync with all your devices seamlessly and painlessly. Yes, Exchange has these features but, you need to have the infrastructure and the IT knowledge to run it and support it. Your total cost of ownership is very high with Exchange. Our new MDaemon server allows small business to have the tools of a larger corporation. Your e-mail, contacts, calendar and tasks along with your docs will all sync and you can share specific items with other people inside or outside your organization. Everything will sync with Outlook and there will be no more duplicate work in deleting your read e-mails on all your devices. Your business will benefit and you will also gain some more time to focus on what you do best.

Yes there are free online e-mail accounts out there. They do not sync to all your devices and when things go bad/wrong, like password changes, hijacking and setup; who do you talk to? If your free e-mail account is hijacked or suspended, you now just setup another free e-mail account. Once that is done. You then need to let everyone you can remember know that you now have a new e-mail address. Oh, and then setup all your devices again. Argh! All without any live help! We have live techs and online support. We monitor our servers and we can help you setup all your devices. Stress-free, pain-free with minimal cost ($4.50/month approx). Hey if you need it, we will even reset your password for you and backup your e-mail to an external device. Nice!

Contact us and we can setup your business or even your family. Tech should be easy and convenient.

We just made it easier and more cost effective.

Please look at our email services for more information.

Sean Huycke


Process Technician