Sean’s Thoughts

Well it has been awhile since I have had any thoughts to add to the site. The last one was about Tablets. Well I am still on that thought along with phones.

As many of you know I am an 80/20 guy. 80% PC world and 20% Apple stuff. I am now officially 40% Blackberry 40% Android  20% Apple. Apple has its place in the phone world but not fully for the business arena. Apple has many apps but I am not sure if I want 100 apps that do the same thing with different adds being the main differentiator. I have had my BB Z10 for two years now and it has been solid as a rock and always connects to what I need quickly. I forgot one great and fast feature: NFC, which works great on Blackberry and makes it easy to transfer images or print simply by tapping the devices together. Nice feature when you do not want to use your data plan. BlackBerry(RIM) has delivered on the new OS and products, people will need to try it for themselves to appreciate the difference. Everything is fast and syncs to my servers and other tablets (Android) seamlessly. I have been testing three different Tablets- iPad 4, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and the Lenovo Tab. So far, the Samsung comes out way ahead of the iPad and the Lenovo needs some work although their Yoga convertible is amazing. Possibly the new wave in devices.

The Samsung is way cheaper ($389.99 vs. $659.99) and can do much more. I can share documents and photos without having to send them to China or India or the Southern States . I simply plug in my micro chip and copy and give them to whomever or copy images from someone else’s camera and done. I can also do the same thing when I get home. I do not need any special download or the right version of iTunes or authorize my device etc. I just simply copy the files. I can increase my storage size on the Samsung when I want and if I want, by way of a microchip at a cost of $29.99 or less/32gb. I do not have to buy another iPad or send my stuff to the apple orchard cloud.

My iPad is simplicity at its best. If you do not want to customize your digital world then you will not miss anything. Apple has dominated the tablet world for years (since catching on, HP started it 10 years before but was way too early) but now apple looks a little out-dated. They have an OS that goes back to the first iPOD and have not changed it. Yes, if it ain’t broke…  This is the tech world and you need to innovate! Come on Apple, give us something new.

Back to Blackberry: The new OS is fast and can hook up to any device. It also has all the wanted apps needed for  more everyday tasks (games not withstanding).

To sum it up, BBZ10 is great and if you are Canadian, why don’t you have one?

Samsung overseas company or iPad a Chinese made US company, either way you choose your device as long as it meets your needs.

These are my bias thoughts.


(buy Canadian when you can)