Windows 8 BB Z10 Office 2013

Office 2013: More of the same as 2010 only the way you install it has changed. You can get a license card/key but you must download the software. I hope you are not using a pay-per-data plan. You can access it via online. Make sure you have a solid internet connection as you might lose your data or access to your docs. Not sure if the new office 2013 online is such a great idea. Time will tell.

BlackBerry Z10 Touch smart phone: Blackberry (RIM) has delivered as promised. This is a great phone! It connects and has a ton of cool personal functions. If you are looking at a new phone this one has everything. If you are an iPhone fan well you are now behind the curve, catch up! Things to remember with BB your data is way cheaper and can use wifi to install updates and all apps.