Seasons Greetings

Just a quick holiday note to all of our wonderful clients – we will be out of the office starting from December 22nd through to January 2nd. Yes, even computer techs need to unwind and spend some time with family and friends. If you do happen to have a tech related emergency, give our office a call to be transferred over to the emergency line.

We will see you all in the new year – best wishes to all! 

Happy Holidays


Happy Holidays from all of us here at Total e Works! Wishing you and your loved ones all the best over this Christmas Season. Please note that our office will be closed from December 23rd to January 3rd. Looking forward to seeing you in the New Year!

Mac book Pro new old?

So here is a scenario. You go to a website(Macs) and purchase a brand new Macbook Pro 13″ with a CD-ROM.

You get the laptop and start to prepare it. You are very excited and then you dig further and find out that Apple manufactured a laptop that has 4 year old technology (June 15, 2012). Hmm Mac “prides” itself and so do the vast majority of users that Mac is a forward company and is honest and corporately a good custodian?! Well not so much or depends on what your standards are. Selling  a product with older tech as newer tech is very misleading. Hey you bought a new Corvette or won one and the insides are all from 2012 WTF? So you call them and they say we will give you your money back.

Money back what about time and energy lost? So you work out the pro’s and con’s (big on CON’s here). You realize that the effort to send it back and wait to get a new one then setup the new one, you will lose about one week of production time. Now you may think this is made up. Nope this is real and you can go and purchase any number of newly manufactured older technology products, sold as current products from the Apple store, and I have to laugh here; the Genius shops.

So please when you think of Apple or Mac please open your eyes and look long and hard at what company behaviour you are supporting.

Yes the PC world has some very poor corporate stewards also. The good news is you can choose another manufacturer quickly and for less money. There is more competition in this market space. Apple or Mac is the only company with the Mac OS–wouldn’t it be great if Mac’s Operating system was available as an option on any device?

If it is as amazing as I constantly read and hear from Mac users than why is it not able to be sold as a separate OS?

Food for thought. Don’t let your key-chain get corrupted!

Hey my next article might be in praise of Apple!

Keep smiling 🙂


New BlackBerry Priv

Well I went out and purchased the new BlackBerry Priv. As most of my clients know I am a cautious adapter of new technology. This time around I went out, purchased it and implemented it right away. No waiting for a few months. I expected to have some major pain switching from BB 10 to Android with BlackBerry on top. Well it has been painless and exciting with the new phone. Of course not caring about apps was my reason not to move over to a new phone, but I am liking the new features within my existing handful of apps I use. On the app note, BB10 users will notice the loss of BB10 story editor–what a great app. I have not found anything close to it yet. I am still looking and I have sent a number of requests to the makers of the app to make it available for a fee (which I will gladly pay) on the new phone. The phone is fast and the picture quality is way off the charts. The eight year old apple product needs to update to keep up with the Android OS and hardware of the new BlackBerry.

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Our office will be closing on Thursday June 25 at 12:00 PM.  Our staff will be participating in the Habitat for Humanity Annual golf tournament.

We will be back in the office on Friday, June 26 at 9:00 AM.

Thank you!

New mail server

Here it is! We have our new e-mail server available for all our e-mail clients and Exchange users. The webmail interface looks like Outlook of old and Outlook of new. You have five different templates to choose from. Our email server will sync with all your devices seamlessly and painlessly. Yes, Exchange has these features but, you need to have the infrastructure and the IT knowledge to run it and support it. Your total cost of ownership is very high with Exchange. Our new MDaemon server allows small business to have the tools of a larger corporation. Your e-mail, contacts, calendar and tasks along with your docs will all sync and you can share specific items with other people inside or outside your organization. Everything will sync with Outlook and there will be no more duplicate work in deleting your read e-mails on all your devices. Your business will benefit and you will also gain some more time to focus on what you do best.

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Sean’s Thoughts

Well it has been awhile since I have had any thoughts to add to the site. The last one was about Tablets. Well I am still on that thought along with phones.

As many of you know I am an 80/20 guy. 80% PC world and 20% Apple stuff. I am now officially 40% Blackberry 40% Android  20% Apple. Apple has its place in the phone world but not fully for the business arena. Apple has many apps but I am not sure if I want 100 apps that do the same thing with different adds being the main differentiator. I have had my BB Z10 for two years now and it has been solid as a rock and always connects to what I need quickly. I forgot one great and fast feature: NFC, which works great on Blackberry and makes it easy to transfer images or print simply by tapping the devices together. Nice feature when you do not want to use your data plan. BlackBerry(RIM) has delivered on the new OS and products, people will need to try it for themselves to appreciate the difference. Everything is fast and syncs to my servers and other tablets (Android) seamlessly. I have been testing three different Tablets- iPad 4, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and the Lenovo Tab. So far, the Samsung comes out way ahead of the iPad and the Lenovo needs some work although their Yoga convertible is amazing. Possibly the new wave in devices.

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Windows 8 BB Z10 Office 2013

Office 2013: More of the same as 2010 only the way you install it has changed. You can get a license card/key but you must download the software. I hope you are not using a pay-per-data plan. You can access it via online. Make sure you have a solid internet connection as you might lose your data or access to your docs. Not sure if the new office 2013 online is such a great idea. Time will tell.

BlackBerry Z10 Touch smart phone: Blackberry (RIM) has delivered as promised. This is a great phone! It connects and has a ton of cool personal functions. If you are looking at a new phone this one has everything. If you are an iPhone fan well you are now behind the curve, catch up! Things to remember with BB your data is way cheaper and can use wifi to install updates and all apps.