We Are Here For You

Our help desk technicians are always ready to provide you with high quality personal assistance for whenever you are faced with technical difficulties. Any time you are feeling overwhelmed with the technical tasks that come your way, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our support staff. At Total e Works, our primary focus is on providing you with the very best technical support. We are prepared to offer you assistance with any of your questions.

Total e Managed

Take a Proactive Approach to Managing your Network

Let us manage and monitor your network while you focus on more important things. With Total e Managed RMM support, you will have a team of experts monitoring and maintaining your network. With in-depth reporting available to you, you’ll always know what your network needs, and resolve problems before they interfere with work.

  • Live Monitoring of Network
  • Resolution of Potential Issues
  • Ticket Submission
  • In-depth Reporting

Telephone Support

Our staff of expert technicians is available anytime to answer your questions. Thanks to our telephone support services, you never have to tackle confusing IT problems on your own. Our professionals are right there by your side, patiently walking you through any process that you find too difficult to face alone.

Remote Support

If your machine is too awkward to bring into the shop, let us remotely connect and fix your computer problems off site. Remote support sessions are a great way to fix configuration errors, or set up new services. Get in touch with us today and ask about remote support.