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Computer hard drives fail. User error happens. Storing a backup of sensitive information is just the smart thing to do. Having a backup plan in place takes the worry out of losing sensitive data.

Total e Works offers an even smarter way to protect critical files, no matter where they are physically located. We will backup and restore local, remote, and branch offices without the hassle of tape – making it the perfect solution for businesses of any size. With a few clicks, you'll be able to protect any file type of every server and workstation throughout your local network, your remote network, or your branch offices with ease.

For more information on backup features, click the links below:

Backup Support

Not sure exactly what you need backed up? Or how much space you'll require? Let us take the confusion out of the equation. Consults are available for all of our services. Backup plans start at only $9.99/mo. You're spending more than that on coffee, why not spend it on peace of mind instead?

Email Backup

Yes, we can backup emails as well. A lot of people keep track of business records through their email archives - there is so much critical data stored in your backup. Archiving solutions with simple restores are available, get in touch with us today to find out more.

Server Backups

All of the most critical data responsible for the smooth operation of your business is stored on the server. Losing this data would be devastating. Server backups are essential for your business.

Foolproof Restores

Sure you've backed up your data before, but have you ever tried restoring it? There are several issues with tape backups. At Total e Works, we use a hybrid backup system that is more reliable, and much easier to restore when it's time.

Deep Deduplication

Don't backup all of your files everytime, just backup changes to the file. Deep Deduplication only tracks the changes to documents, making backup time a fraction as long. Once the initial backup is done, changes to files are saved as opposed to the entire file being saved again. Smarter backups for smarter people.

Automated Backup

Finding backups a pain? Get in touch with us today to see the many options available for an automated system. Not worrying about data loss, and not thinking about it, now that's a win-win!

Windows Backup

Windows-based machines can and should be backed up. One wayward update and you could find yourself sunk. Let us help you today.

Mac Backup

Having issues with iCloud or TimeMachine. Let our friendly tech experts guide you through the process of Mac backups.